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Company Profile

Lifestyle Transition Services is a unique, holistic service. We offer personal, professional and caring advice and practical assistance for older Australians as they face the need for new and more suitable housing options at retirement and beyond.

How we can help.

Our professional and knowledgeable Seniors Housing Advisors can sit down with you, discuss your current situation and future needs and provide a full report you can use as your roadmap or we can organise the entire process from overseeing the sale of your home to ensure you receive maximum value for your asset and helping you choose the right housing option for your needs, to assisting with decluttering, packing and moving and furnishing your new home. The choice is yours.

Facing change becomes more daunting as we age and sometimes it may seem all too difficult, but with the assistance of Lifestyle Transition Services you can face the future with less stress and greater confidence as we smooth your journey to a new and more suitable lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy life to the full.

Dismantling a lifetime of family memories when selling the family home can be daunting and emotional.

We know. We’ve already been there through personal experiences. We are attuned also to the financial and emotional challenges you face, and open to helping to guide you through the unique needs that only you and your family will bring to this process. We can help you with tips and to find the resources you need to have the difficult conversations, whether with each other, your children of your own parents.

Training for the team at Lifestyle Transition Services extends beyond being one of the first firms in Australia to achieve accreditation and certification in helping seniors with their lifestyle and housing choice needs. We continue our education by consistently updating ourselves on the latest opportunities and challenges facing seniors. We also learn through the best teachers of all – our clients, whose heartfelt desires to make the right decision for themselves and/or their family members is truly inspirational.

Our expert Seniors Housing Advisors can give you an initial guiding hand, or be with you every step along the journey.

We are a network of experienced professionals here to assist you with all aspects of the transition to senior living, from downsizing your home, to talking with your parents about their needs, and/or moving into a retirement community. Our experience and understanding of this complex landscape allows us to offer focused advice sensitive to your particular situation including the myriad legal, financial and personal issues that are part and parcel of the process.

Our role is to get the very best results on all fronts, with a process as smooth, comfortable, cost-effective and stress-free as possible for you.

We look forward to assisting you!