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Are you ready to downsize?

The majority of Australian seniors who make the move report they are far happier once they have made the move to more appropriate housing. They enjoy greater freedom from financial worry and maintenance issues and more opportunities for social interaction, personal interests and travel.

If you are ready to downsize, Lifestyle Transition Services can assist you every step of the way, saving you time and money and alleviating stress at every stage of the process.

Perhaps you live in a two-storey home and climbing stairs is becoming more difficult; perhaps your home is just much bigger than you need. Or it may be that you would like to live in a more secure area and be closer to shops, services and transportation.

Whatever the reason, you, like many seniors, may be thinking of selling your current home and buying something more suitable for your current and future needs. Thinking of the future, you may be thinking of a change. And this change could mean moving to a smaller home, a more convenient home, or community living.

Change is rarely easy, and thinking of changing your home situation hits at the heart of two of our basic human needs – security and shelter.

It is something that can positively or negatively affect the lives of everyone in the family.

The Seniors Housing Advisors at Lifestyle Transition Services can help you navigate the complexities of this change, from talking with you and family members, and evaluating options, to selling and buying property.

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