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Family Support

Are you a family member requiring support with an ageing parent / parents?

Are you a partner no longer able to assist an ailing husband or wife on your own?
Do you need assistance winding up a deceased estate?
Many seniors continue to live independently until a crisis strikes and a move to assisted living or aged care becomes a necessity. Children and more independent partners can be challenged on many fronts when facing such a crisis and suddenly having a need to make difficult decisions in a hurry.
The results can include poor decisions on suitable housing, family conflicts and more.
Here at Lifestyle Transition Services, we advise that partners and families sit down and discuss the facts of ageing openly and frankly in a caring and positive manner well before a crisis occurs. However, we understand this isn’t always possible.

If you or an older family member are in a critical situation and require swift and competent professional assistance we can assist with the following services:

  • Evaluate Seniors housing options;
  • Communicate  with family during the decision making, and moving process;
  • Home, and garden maintenance;
  • Home modification;
  • In-home care and domestic services;
  • Clutter reduction;
  • Organising, distributing, and disposal of excess personal and household goods;
  • Floor and space planning;
  • Interior design;
  • Vendor Advocacy;
  • Aged Care Placement, Buyers Agents;
  • Property Styling;
  • Packing and moving services;
  • Bookkeeping, document shredding, and computer set-up;
  • Refer to our network of seniors focused professionals;
  • Coordinate and manage the entire process; and
  • We can also assist with the delicate handling of deceased estates and take much of the pressure off time-poor executors and distressed family members at this very difficult time of loss.
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