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Moving Home

Do you need assistance with moving home?

Moving from the family home can be overwhelming, especially if it is filled with a lifetime of possessions and you must make choices of what to take with you and what to let go.
This aspect alone can be emotional, even heart-wrenching, then there is all the wearying tasks of packing and cleaning, then unpacking and setting up in your new home.

Here at Lifestyle Transition Services, we can assist you every step of the way by offering the following services to ease and oversee the entire moving process:

  • Create a seamless customised action plan both prior, during and post moving;
  • Together with you, oversee the sorting through decades of memories and keepsakes to decide what you want to keep, and take with you to your new home;
  • Facilitate on your behalf delivery of unwanted items to family members, charity, auction, and other means of disposal;
  • Assist you with sorting and decluttering your current home prior to packing so you only take what you really need and want in your new home;
  • Organise the packing of your personal items and household contents;
  • Arrange a full home clean out service, in readiness for the new owners, and take care of any waste disposal requirements;
  • Create a floor plan of your new home, and position your belongings, and furnishings to give your new home purpose and functionality so it works best for you;
  • Help you with unpacking and getting settled so it “feels like home”;
  • Assist with home modification services to make your new home easier to manage;
  • Organise television and computer set up ;
  • Interior design – guide you in the selection of finishes, and furnishings for your new home, if required;
  • If required, make recommendations on Personal Care, and Domestic Services that can support you in your new home with everyday tasks;
  • Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing removalists on moving day;
  • Utility cancellation, transfer, and set-up;
  • Bookkeeping, document shredding;
  • Organise mail forwarding, and change of address cards;
  • Removal of boxes and packing material.
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