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Selling Your Home

Do you need help to sell your home?

Selling what is likely to be your most valued and valuable asset – your home – and maximising its value at sale is a key factor influencing how comfortable your senior years will be.
Here at Lifestyle Transition Services we are experts at helping you make the vital decisions that will help prepare you and your home prior to putting your home on the market.
Before your home can be sold, and in order to get the very best price for you, we need to do some work together.
Your assigned Project Manager will work with you every step of the way.

Pre - Home Sale Services

  • Together with you, oversee the sorting through decades of memories and keepsakes to decide what you want to keep;
  • As for the rest of your belongings, we can facilitate on your behalf delivery of unwanted items to family members, charity, auction, and other means of disposal;
  • We can arrange for gardeners and landscapers to tidy up and reinvigorate your gardens and lawn and professional cleaners to ensure the interiors are spotless;
  • We can refer and manage a handyman to do any small home repairs, or if there is more to be done, can enlist the services of a range of tradespeople;
  • To really make your home stand out so it has wider buyer appeal and looks impressive on real estate websites and promotional materials, we can recommend a Property Stylist.
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Vendor Advocacy: Selecting your Real Estate Agent, Monitoring Sales and Marketing Performance

The Home Sale

The Seniors Housing Advisors at Lifestyle Transition Services are trained and experienced in the unique aspects of selling for seniors.

We take great care in assessing your property, talking about your needs, understanding the market, recommendations for selecting the best real estate agent, and strategising with you about how to achieve the best outcome.

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Among the issues we focus on are:

  • We will look at all aspects of possible selling options of your property including potential for re-development to maximise the end sales price;
  • Undertake an accurate comparable market analysis to provide an unbiased and realistic market appraisal of your property’s worth; OR
  • Arrange for an independent valuation of the property if your individual circumstances warrant;
  • Advice and recommendations for selecting the best real estate agent in the locality;
  • Interview short listed agents, and assist you in making the right decision on which real estate agent is best for the individual vendor, and circumstances;
  • Advice on real estate agents’ agreements and proposed commission fees;
  • Recommendations on the best method of sale – auction or private treaty;
  • Advice on strategy, costs, and proposed marketing campaigns;
  • Review all offers, including terms and conditions made on the property through the appointed real estate agent and advise the home owner accordingly in order to complete negotiations in a timely manner, to achieve the highest price and best terms for the sale of your property;
  • Ensure you receive from the appointed agent regular updates, weekly written reports on all aspects of the sales process, including promotional activities, open for inspections results and feedback, buyer enquiry, contracts issued and offers received, and advise on any required adjustment to the marketing campaign in line with the appointed agents feedback;
  • If the recommended method of sale is via auction, we will be present at the auction, ensuring that you make clear and assertive decisions to achieve your sale objectives;
  • And when it comes down to the wire, we will be there to assist you negotiate the highest price and best terms for the sale of your property;
  • The legal aspects from preparation of contract of sale right through to exchange and settlement will be managed by us through your legal representative, and appointed agent.
  • If required, we can organise a home tidy up on the days of your open for inspections.