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Services for Seniors

Lifestyle Transition Services is Sydney’s premier service for seniors seeking to simplify their lifestyle and move to housing that better suits their current and future needs.

Our comprehensive services ensure you are armed with all the information you require to make the best possible decisions for your future and are fully supported and assisted through the entire process.

Simplifying your life should leave you overjoyed, not overwhelmed.

When we retire our lifestyle changes irrevocably. Our children are independent. There is no more daily commute to work. The much-loved family home may no longer suit our needs or may be tying up equity that could be freed up to fund travel and other experiences that would broaden our horizons. Within our means, we are free to live where we want and how we want.

Maybe a treechange or seachange appeals to you. Maybe a move to an inner-city apartment within easy reach of all the entertainment and dining out options you enjoy appeals. Maybe a move to a retirement living community would free you to travel and visit family at your whim. Maybe a cohousing community would suit you best, where you can mingle with like-minded people of similar background.

Simplifying your life should leave you overjoyed, not overwhelmed. That’s why we are here to ensure your lifestyle transition is as smooth, anxiety-free and cost-effective as possible. When you are ready to take the next step, we are ready to help streamline the entire process for you.

At Lifestyle Transition Services we can help you assess your current personal and financial situation, guide you through the options, assist you with the decision-making process then assist with the daunting process of selling your current home, buying a more suitable home, moving and setting up your new home.

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Lifestyle Transition Services can assist you with any or all of the following services:

  • Evaluate Seniors housing options
  • Communicate with family during the decision making, and moving process
  • Home, and garden maintenance
  • Home modification
  • In-home care and domestic services
  • Clutter reduction
  • Organising, distributing, and disposal of excess personal and household goods
  • Floor and space planning

  • Vendor Advocacy
  • Retirement Village Finder, Aged Care Placement, Buyers Agents
  • Property Styling, Interior Design
  • Packing and moving services
  • Bookkeeping, document shredding, and computer set-up
  • Referrals to our network of seniors focused professionals
  • Coordinate and manage the entire process

  • Deceased Estate Services

Summary of Services

Evaluating your Options

In-depth consultation to determine the best housing option for you now and in future years based on your personal circumstances, together with a follow-up written report outlining the best course of action to achieve your goals.

Staying at Home

Advice and assistance to prepare your home for ageing in place with home maintenance and modification services, in-home domestic assistance, personal care, and nursing care providers.


Provide hands on assistance sorting through decades of memories and keepsakes. We can help you decide which to keep, and which to donate, auction, or dispose of by other means in preparation for your move.

Selling your Home

Advice and assistance with pre-sale property presentation. Vendor advocacy services to select a real estate agent, oversee the marketing campaign, and sales process, to ensure you achieve the best possible price for your home.

Finding Your New Home

Knowledgeable advice on seniors’ housing options in your desired locality. Tours of suitable homes, retirement village communities or aged care facilities.

Moving Home

Assist you every step of the way to ease and oversee all of the wearying tasks of packing and cleaning, then unpacking and setting up in your new home.

Family Support

We bring an awareness of the issues confronting partners and family members, and willingness to take the time you need to explore all available options for your loved one.

Our Network

Seniors - focused professionals who can help with ageing in place, various steps of the sale and move, and offer assistance on these and other matters for you and your family if required.