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Staying at Home

Do you need to reassess your current home?

Your current home may be in an ideal location for your needs and easy to maintain.
In which case, you may have no need to move but could benefit from some reassessment and adjustments to your current home to improve your quality of life and prepare for your future needs.

If your preferred choice is to remain in your home, we can:

  • Discuss the most appropriate "aging in place" concepts to help you achieve your goal of not moving anywhere, but improving your quality of life!
  • Liaise with various parties and/or family members to facilitate the decision- making process.
  • Clarify your financial goals, and ascertain that staying at home is the most financially viable option.
  • Discuss additional financial alternatives to support you staying in your home.
  • We can help you prioritise home maintenance concerns.
  • Assist with home modification services to reduce home safety and security issues, by eliminating common in-home hazards to make the home easier to manage.
  • Create a floor plan and repurpose your existing space so it works better for you NOW.
  • Guide you in the selection of finishes, furnishings and space design to give your home a new lease of life.
  • Assist with sorting and decluttering your home by helping you discern what you really need and want in your home.
  • Assist in deciding what will be given to family members, donated, sold or discarded.
  • If required, make recommendations on Personal Care, Nursing Care, and Domestic Help Services that can support you in your home with everyday tasks.
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